Royal Blunts Purple Haze Hemp Wraps

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Out of all the unique flavored wraps we sell, Purple Haze by Royal Blunts is by far one of our top-sellers. Notoriously made famous by Rock n’ Roll legend Jimi Hendrix, this blunt wrap has a strong taste, but NEVER jeopardizes the integrity of what’s inside! 

As bold as these blunt wraps are, the truth is, they provide a mellow body smoke that’ll enhance your senses to a state of bliss. Indeed, these bad boys are smooth and cool to consume, just like the tunes coming from Jimi’s beloved strings! So before you proceed out of here, grab a few of our 25-count boxes of Royal Blunt Cigar Wraps and blaze the night away, leaving nothing behind but a trail of Purple Haze.

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