420 Travel Kit (Flower)

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The 420 Travel kit (Flower) is the perfect stoner travel kit for the smoker that is always on the go. We know it's hard to carry a bong with you all the time. The light, compact, travel kit fits all your smoking needs in one hard shell case making it super discreet and portable. Remove the foam inserts inside and it can also be used as a small rolling tray. Inside is a mini bubbler because why hit a dry pipe when you can hit a water pipe for a smoother hit. We also included a Clipper Jet lighter because when you're outside the wind can be a bitch sometimes. The Clipper Jet torch lighter is wind resistant and will light up any bowl in the most treacherous conditions.The kit also comes with a 4 piece aluminum grinder that cuts up your herbs and flower with ease. The grinder also has a chamber for flower and another chamber that stores kief. We couldn't forget a pack of premium rolling papers and a smell proof tube for your joint. Perfect for your next hike or vacation! Best 420 kit for traveling. 

The 420 Travel Flower Kit Includes:

  • 4" x 6.5" Hard Shell Travel Case
  • Clear Mini Bubbler
  • 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder 
  • RAW 1 1/4 Rolling Papers (Assorted Papers)
  • Clipper Jet Torch Lighter (Assorted Styles)
  • Tightpac Storage Container 
  • 2x Assorted Bongtopia Stickers

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