710 Travel Dab Kit (Thermal)

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Discover the Ultimate Portable Dabbing Experience with the Bongtopia 710 Travel Dab Kit! Designed for the dabber always on the move, this all-in-one kit is the perfect solution for hassle-free and discreet dabbing. Weighing only a few ounces and fitting into a compact 4.5" x 8" case, you can easily carry it with you wherever you go, whether it's on a trip or just a quick lunch break.

The Bongtopia 710 Travel Dab Kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a rig, torch, case, and dabber, providing you with all the essential tools in one convenient kit. With a value of over $100, this kit is a steal at only $49.99! So, why wait? Get your hands on the Bongtopia 710 Travel Dab Kit today and experience the ultimate dabbing experience on the go!

710 Travel Kit Includes:

  • 4.5" x 8" Hard Shell Travel Case 
  • 10mm Mini Orb Recycler
  • 10mm Male Quartz Thermal Banger 
  • Directional Silicone carb cap 
  • Refillable Butane Torch (Assorted Colors) 
  • Premium Dab Tool 
  • Cotton Swabs 
  • 2x Assorted Bongtopia Stickers


Instructions on How to Use:

All items of the 710 Travel Kit will be included inside the plastic Hard Shell Case. Open the Hard Shell Travel Case then pull the Mini Orb Recycler and 10mm Male Quartz thermal banger out. Use the provided Premium Dab Tool to scoop up some of your favorite concentrates. For best flavor/results cold start or low temp when using the 710 kit. Add a small amount of water into the Mini Orb Recycler. Test pull to make sure you didn't add too much water. Once the water level is correct add your concentrates inside the quartz banger and use the Refillable Butane Torch to start the cold start process. Once the dabs start to melt and evaporate top the quartz banger off with the directional silicone carb cap. Then you let her rip! Make sure you clean the quartz banger after every use with the cotton swabs provided. Refill cotton swabs are also available on our website. Email us with any questions! 

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