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FLKR LYTR: Flicker lighter spinning lighter case Bongtopia edition! Great for people who use lighters and other fidget devices.

The FLKR LYTR will help increase focusing or for those who fidget to relieve nervous energy, anxiety, or psychological stress. It also gives the functionality of a lighter whenever the user needs it.  

The FLKR LYTR also allows the user to change out their Bic lighter when its empty. Simply press down on the Bic lighter and pull from the bottom. Take the new Bic lighter and place at the BOTTOM of the FLKR LYTR and push UPWARDs till you feel a tight grip, Then FLK it! 


The perfect stocking stuffer or as a gift during these holidays!

  • Custom Bongtopia x FLKR LYTR
  • An elegant luxury lighter case with a classic design that will hold and protect your favorite lighter and will come handy anywhere you go. Comes with a built-in bearings.
  • ITEM SIZE : 6×2.65×1.6CM (2.35×1.04×0.63 inch). Only suitable for BIC Regular lighter.
  • MATERIAL: Plastic Polypropylene
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : The lighter is not include.
  • INSTRUCTIONS TO USE : Firstly, make sure your lighter is a Plain BIC regular lighter. Given the snug nature of the case you may have to apply a little force when inserting and removing the lighter for the first time. You can even use a slim and blunt instrument in order to push the lighter down.

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